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aio remote

All In One Remote is a smart remote control application that lets you control your computer remotely through WIFI , Bluetooth from your Android phone / tablet with a huge set of features.
Note: If you face issue, please send me email before rating my app with negative feedback.
Please download PC Server App

Key Features:
0- Control any app ever. You can create your own custom remotes.
0- Online Remotes Gallery: upload your custom remotes and download remotes created by users around the world.
1- Wifi and Bluetooth supported (Mountain Lion has issues with Bluetooth).
2- Linux, windows and mac supported.
3- Remote File Manager: Browse your files remotely and open files and programs on your computer.

– Touch screen mouse control with multi touch support and drag support.
5- Keyboard control with swype keyboard support(Beta).
6- Powepoint control.
7- Game controller with 8 buttons, 8 directions and multi-touch support.
8- Game Pad designer: Add any number of buttons – delete buttons – resize buttons – change buttons position – change keyboard mapping.
9- Multi player support: play with your friends with different mobile phones as game pads. 4 players supported (WiFi only).
10- Tablet support: because you can resize and re position buttons anywhere on your screen.
11- Control PC applications .

Languages supported: (English, Arabic). More languages will be added.
Note: Make sure that your PC bluetooth hardware is supported: (

How to use All In One Remote:
All In One Remote consists of two parts:
1- the phone application you can download from Google’s Android Marketplace.
2- A

server application for your computer that you can download here ( ).
1- Java SE Runtime Environment.
2- WiFI or Bluetooth.
Note: I can’t reply to your comments on Google market so please send me mail if you face issues.
Note: Pro users, pro version will be integrated with the free version in coming update. Just be patient.




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